University Accommodation

Entry And Exit In Universities Accommodation.

According to the text of the letter of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education regarding “Observing the rights of students residing in university housing” dated 31 October 2017, it is permissible for students residing in university housing to enter and leave their rooms at any time, including at night. Under No. 577-9 / 1.
The Ukrainian Ministry of Education also stated in its letter addressed to the heads of higher education institutions that “unjustified expulsion of students of higher education is not permitted, as well as being forced to perform forced and alternate work, nor is it permitted to enter their rooms without justification.”

Almost all universities in Ukraine has its own hostels. International students can live there. Price for a room in a hostel will be from $ 40 USD to $ 100 USD. In most cases students share with 1 more roommate.

Private Accommodation

Rental costs depend on the type of accommodation you choose, its condition, location, and available facilities. A flat located in the center of the city or close to the university will be more expensive to rent. It is necessary to remember that rental costs differ from city to city. For example,

  • a single-room flat or studio apartment in Kyiv will cost about $400-$500
  • a single-room in Kharkiv will cost around $300-$400
  • a single-room in Lviv costs 300 dollars and more.

Hostel Vs Apartment